Feather Flags successful FMCG advertising story for Coke

See Tianfu Coke re-put on the terminal, the consumer in his hand, my heart “undercurrent”, which may be derived from my experience in Chongqing. At that time, in the train station and other places, but also vaguely able to see the shadow of Tianfu Coke, such as pop upĀ  display and Feather Flags advertising, or some talk about Tianfu Coke.

Since then, the two music has begun large-scale attack on the domestic market. In 1994, Tianfu Coke and PepsiCo joint venture, and then gradually disappear from people’s attention. Some people say that Tianfu Coke from disappear to come back, is the Chinese national branding with Feather Flags | eyeBanner are history of blood and tears. Indeed, the national brand and foreign giants of the joint venture is basically no good results, not to be destroyed is the snow. Wait until the overall situation has been set, foreign giants who once the scenery of the national brand released, but the trend has gone, such as vitality 28, Chinese toothpaste, small nurse, Arctic Ocean soft drinks.

At the beginning of 2016, in the Tianfu Coke brand comeback press conference, the general manager of money Huang with the “revival” word, enough to see more than 20 years of their mind simmering that a strength. From the feelings, I support the revival of Tianfu Coke; from the feelings, I can also like that era of consumers as empathy. But if the feelings and feelings alone, it is difficult to revive the Tianfu Coke, only innovation can be revived.
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Sweet Kingdom’s Retractable Banner branding strategy

Steven Goldman of Ji Fusi (China) mangosteen limited is global mangosteen experts and the leader, mangosteen sweet agent export ahead, has been home first, and in American and New Zealand established has full funding subsidiary, export market has throughout North America, and European, and India, and Korea and the Southeast Asia, from 2015 began company started three big balance strategy, which a article is return domestic market, gradually will American, overseas market of share reduced to 50% following.

It is understood that the small tea classmates, UMI, Huiyuan’s domestic beverage brands have used their products, and other large drinks, dairy products in the company’s products are being developed. Last October, on the second section from Grosvenor momordica, Ji Fusi launched two terminals–Luo Han fruit paste and mangosteen honey from the b-end of the market to the c-terminal market, further expanding the influence of Luo Han Guo on the consumer side, but also to meet the domestic market demand and branding with Retractable Banner [Cheap $69 Retractable Banner wholesale | One Group] advertising campaign strategy. Continue reading Sweet Kingdom’s Retractable Banner branding strategy

Feather Flags advertising keep up with the marketing trend

“Cooper, laya has experienced domestic industries at different stages in the development of channel changes, following brand fluctuations and ever-changing consumer spending habits, Cooper laya Advertising Feather Flag marketing [buy Feather Flags & Feather Banners | Cheap -20% FREE Ship], brand communication, channel management, proactive adjustment strategies. “Already in Perth said Pei Zhuxiang, Leia served for more than 10 years.

Cooper laya brand up to CS channels, after more than 10 years of hard work, has already been established throughout the whole distribution network of more than 30 cities, covering the sale of nearly 15,000 homes, products in the boutique channels of domestic sales growth and total are among the products move closer to fine channel, high spending. CS channels as well as Super channel, Cooper, laya has dabbled in business channels as early as 2012.

In the channel in the process of exploring, cross-channel management and coordination are important factors for Cooper laya to achieve good results. Cooper laya build multi-channel parallel strategies in intensive CS channels on the basis of distribution supermarkets, importance to the operation and management of emerging channels such as e-commerce. While recourse to external forces, with their own team complementary advantages, successfully opening the stereo channels and product cross-architecture, integration and linkage of resources integrated Advertising Feather Flag marketing situation.
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