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By | 2017-03-03

“Cooper, laya has experienced domestic industries at different stages in the development of channel changes, following brand fluctuations and ever-changing consumer spending habits, Cooper laya Advertising Feather Flag marketing [buy Feather Flags & Feather Banners | Cheap -20% FREE Ship], brand communication, channel management, proactive adjustment strategies. “Already in Perth said Pei Zhuxiang, Leia served for more than 10 years.

Cooper laya brand up to CS channels, after more than 10 years of hard work, has already been established throughout the whole distribution network of more than 30 cities, covering the sale of nearly 15,000 homes, products in the boutique channels of domestic sales growth and total are among the products move closer to fine channel, high spending. CS channels as well as Super channel, Cooper, laya has dabbled in business channels as early as 2012.

In the channel in the process of exploring, cross-channel management and coordination are important factors for Cooper laya to achieve good results. Cooper laya build multi-channel parallel strategies in intensive CS channels on the basis of distribution supermarkets, importance to the operation and management of emerging channels such as e-commerce. While recourse to external forces, with their own team complementary advantages, successfully opening the stereo channels and product cross-architecture, integration and linkage of resources integrated Advertising Feather Flag marketing situation.

With the “85” after young consumers become the main consumer group, Cooper laya Song Zhongji, zhengshuang new advocates, through friends, H5 Mobile Mobile Internet new media interactive communication with young consumers in real time, make consumers experience more convenient service. While Cooper laya ongoing product upgrades, give the products their quality more emotional content, accurate and effective to meet the multi-faceted needs of consumers.
Although Cooper Leia follow the market changes constantly adjusting the Advertising Feather Flag marketing model, however, Cooper laya remained convinced that that is the core force of competition is the competition of brands of the products. Therefore, in the “cutting-edge” research and development investment in technology and manufacturing, Petit Leia never loosened and stingy, also known as the cosmetics sector “Huawei”.

Build a Cooper laya UN factory

In 2013, the Cooper laya specifically in a stand next to the international levels of research and Innovation Center, from idea to the market throughout the life cycle of the product quality control. By the end of 2015, Cooper laya in product research and development investment has surpassed 100 million Yuan.
Worth a mention of is, is located in huzhou of Cooper Rai ya production base, is a seat modern garden type factory, accounted for to more than 100,000 square meters, factory environment beautiful, green rate up 40%, plant strictly according to GMP medicine enterprise standard design built, production regional air clean degrees up to 100,000 level, and has world leading, and equipment complete, and function full of detection Center and strictly of GMPC products control standard, from essentially guarantee products quality.

Cooper laya is to create “a resource-saving and environment-friendly” world class cosmetic factory.

Raw materials of the United Nations. Cooper, laya has been firmly believes that quality-oriented Advertising Feather Flag marketing philosophy, strong backing to leading experts and innovative science and technology, has formed a scientific and strict management system. Cooper laya supply chain system based on the development needs of the company, with international vision, all over the world choose the most powerful most industry partners, Cooper, laya’s supply chain system extended to the global level. Cooper, laya has with 9 countries worldwide cosmetics professional development institutions to establish long-term cooperative relations, from world-class suppliers of raw material imports high quality raw materials. Formulated comprehensive manufacturing first-class products, equipment and production process.

Cooper laya each cosmetic raw materials have been carefully selected, through layers of rigorous testing, only the highest grade of raw materials will be selected. Cooper, laya and many international cosmetic ingredient company in the world to establish a long-term cooperative relationship, used by more than 2000 kinds of raw material, which 95% as the imported raw materials, mainly in the United States, Europe and Japan.

Equipment of the United Nations. Instruments and equipment for tens of millions of Yuan, Percy laya and not so generous. Mettler precision smart weighing management system of Switzerland, Germany’s top EKATO (Yi Katuo), homogenizing and Emulsifying equipment, KALIX, France (xiruisi) automatic aqueous cream filling lines, Italy CAM (kaimo) automatic laminating machine. These leading-edge technology and equipment that Mr laya production plants are equipped with.

“American heavy metal detector Agilent, it can in 3 minutes and 34 seconds fast cosmetics and raw materials may contain all of the elements, reached the European Union, the United States, Japan and other countries on the determination of heavy metals in cosmetics limited standards. “When it comes to these” artifacts “, Percy laya production base, General Manager Wang Jianrong glitch. This Tester requires supporting the use of 5 different instruments, complete testing systems worth more than 1 million Yuan. Because the price is expensive, home is equipped with the cosmetics of this instrument are numbered. It is understood that the Cooper production base of laya’s overall worth a total of hundreds of millions of Yuan.

Research of the United Nations. Hangzhou xixi wetland laya research and Innovation Center, like a magical laboratory. Meta-chemistry, physics, biology, medicine, dermatology, industrial design, packaging, color, psychology and computers, hundreds of high-level scientists from different disciplines. Meanwhile, Cooper, laya’s research and innovation capacity has also been recognized by the national science and Technology Department, has won the “high-tech enterprise”, “nanostructured lipid particle Zhejiang high-tech enterprise research base” and other honorary titles, with Zhejiang Province, “provincial Institute of cosmetics companies”, Cooper laya 29 technical national invention patents, leading in the domestic cosmetics industry.

Cooper laya deep integration of research institutes at home and abroad, with many research institutions to establish long-term cooperation and build a production and research integration, leading, combination skin care research fleet. In 2015, the original snow show, Lange, dream makeup and a South Korean brands such as poetry sings lead research specialist–South Korean cosmetics “Godfather” figure Jin Hankun joined Cooper laya. Jin Hankun joined will speed up implementation of Cooper laya, product quality to international level crossing, Cooper laya strategic plan is an important part of the world.

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