Sweet Kingdom’s Retractable Banner branding strategy

By | 2017-03-03

Steven Goldman of Ji Fusi (China) mangosteen limited is global mangosteen experts and the leader, mangosteen sweet agent export ahead, has been home first, and in American and New Zealand established has full funding subsidiary, export market has throughout North America, and European, and India, and Korea and the Southeast Asia, from 2015 began company started three big balance strategy, which a article is return domestic market, gradually will American, overseas market of share reduced to 50% following.

It is understood that the small tea classmates, UMI, Huiyuan’s domestic beverage brands have used their products, and other large drinks, dairy products in the company’s products are being developed. Last October, on the second section from Grosvenor momordica, Ji Fusi launched two terminals–Luo Han fruit paste and mangosteen honey from the b-end of the market to the c-terminal market, further expanding the influence of Luo Han Guo on the consumer side, but also to meet the domestic market demand and branding with Retractable Banner [Cheap $69 Retractable Banner wholesale | One Group] advertising campaign strategy.

And Oriental fruit spread

Steven Goldman is a native of Guilin, and my grandfather is a famous traditional Zhuang medicine, from the monasteries of his traditional Chinese medicine and herbs plants had a strong interest in research, which influenced his later schooling and careers. After graduating from University, Steven Goldman entered Guangxi Institute of Botany, by virtue of his personal hard work and solid professional skills, soon to emerge, was promoted to Deputy Director of more than 30 years old, and achieved fruitful research results, has completed more than 20 projects, published more than 70 papers, many also have won major awards.

From Deputy Director of fuzheng is near at hand, is when everyone is bullish on him, he made a surprising decision: to resign.
To advise him to friends and family around me at that time, leaders also talked to him several times, but he has never. For the decision, Steven Goldman explained that, in that system, his many research results will not get the promotion and application, many items of the item is free, from the outset, does not take into account market demand. He is tired of the job.

From the system Steven Goldman, as fish back into the sea, a skill can finally be free to play. He initially of idea is introduced abroad some practical of new varieties and technology then to market, is he struggling looking for of when, once accidentally of opportunities, he encountered has one in Government work of friends, they is prepared project a Lohan fruit of protection and development project, at mangosteen pest very serious, and artificial breeding survival rate very low, if does not protection is may on will faced extinct of dangerous. The words dream back to reality, and isn’t that he is searching for the project? Steven Goldman Institute when they do a tissue culture of siraitia grosvenorii, habits and market value are very understanding of siraitia grosvenorii, friends and the help of related departments, he received 200,000 yuan started funds.

On January 1, 2000 following the resignation of Guangxi Institute of Botany, Steven Goldman, committed to mangosteen seed breeding research and extension. Traditional artificial breeding technology is cutting seedlings will take the mother’s virus, the first non-fruiting, junction 5 to 10 for the second year, third year only twenty or thirty. Steven Goldman 3 years to conquer the problem of artificial breeding of siraitia grosvenorii, but also 4 new species were breeding, and survival rate of seedling outplanting never to 20% to 90%. These new types of tissue cultured seedlings of momordica grosvenori has many excellent characteristics: good disease resistance, adaptation, and can hang in the first year after planting hundreds of fruit, and because the virus on virus-free after killing the mother, ensuring the health of plants, and eliminate the root causes congenital effects of pests on plants of siraitia grosvenorii. Traditionally, planted an acre to plant 330 seedlings of siraitia grosvenorii and tissue cultured seedlings of momordica grosvenori an acre just 130 plants seedlings can be the appropriate output, dramatically lowering the cost in human and agricultural.

Company culture of virus-free seedlings of momordica grosvenori industry, can be said to be a major revolution, without this technology, Luo Han Guo will be impossible to get out of the remote mountain, generating income for the local farmers to get rich, not later the mangosteen sweetener industry. Now, not only of siraitia grosvenori in Guangxi Province planted area increased by several times, but also extended to Guangdong, Hunan, Jiangxi, Guizhou, Yunnan, Fujian and other provinces, all credit due to Steven Goldman Earth biotechnology limited company in Guilin city and the establishment of [belonging to Ji Fusi (China), mangosteen, group].

Focused fruit of God, to create a “sweet Kingdom”

In the wake of solves the problem of raw material plant, Steven Goldman mangosteen targeted commercial market, Ji Fusi was established on May 19, 2004 (China) co of siraitia grosvenorii.

Luo Han Guo, also known as “Jin BU Huan”, “immortal fruit,” “Oriental fruit”, is a rare native of Guilin and is one of the first edible material approved by, in terms of heat-clearing and detoxifying, expectorant cough has worked wonders. Steven Goldman think mangosteen to think bigger and stronger industry must get out of medicine category, because consumers cannot take medicine every day, his way is designed for momordica grosvenori industry sweetener extracted, entered the food ingredients market.
Has has this idea zhihou, Steven Goldman thought zhiqian in New Zealand study during in laboratory of one teacher, in and the teacher contact Shi learned that he just but Vietnam travel, so Steven Goldman on invited he came, and please he on Guilin local of Lohan fruit industry for has a research, he of the teacher at just from New Zealand Royal laboratory out, established has himself of company, suffers from looking for project, see mangosteen zhihou very excited, spot on said to cooperation, And lead to a deposit in order to show their good faith by Steven Goldman, the company account.

Established when, Ji Fusi on from Lohan fruit in the extraction out has a called “sweet glycosides v” of white powder (pure sweet degrees about for sucrose of 300 times times, has 0 heat, and no side effects, and taste pure of advantage), can alternative sugar as beverage and food raw materials, became global first invention sweet glycosides content 40% and the 50% of mangosteen extraction real production technology, and will its commercial of company.
Products development out zhihou, Steven Goldman and no in domestic market put, but will preferred market positioning in has American, this is by variety factors decided of: first is American of sugar consumption big, basic each meal are without sugar; second is American of obesity, and diabetes, health problem highlight, needed looking for low heat and and security of generation sugar products; last, equal sweet degrees of mangosteen sweet agent of price is sucrose of 5 times times, in at, only American such of Western developed to burden have up such of consumption level.

But American for food raw materials of using put control extremely strictly, mangosteen sweet agent wants to as food raw materials in American sales need through layer Layer certification, since mangosteen sweet agent products came out yilai, Ji Fusi spent has 5 years of time Yu January 2010 only through has FDA-GRAS certification (American food drug prison Council certification), became global first through American FDA certification of mangosteen products, For Mangosteen sweet agent in American, international market of develop lay has solid of based, This Steven Goldman also treat as a major turning point in the history of the company. Sweet of siraitia grosvenorii sales agent in the United States after the rapid growth in 2014 and entered a period of eruption. According to statistics, the 2014 US market with the use of momordica grosvenori sweeteners as raw material the number of products grew 70% compared with the previous year 2015 added 400 kinds of food, 2016 has added 100 species. Present Gifford think mangosteen sweeteners as food raw materials and end products have more than 1000 species, including Nestle, Pepsi, Coca Cola, unity, g, General Mills, Kellogg’s and Csabanyi and other well-known branding with Retractable Banner advertising campaigns. Ji Fusi as sweetening agent of siraitia grosvenorii’s largest supplier, and occupy half of the market share of similar products, momordica grosvenori industry has made outstanding contributions, Steven Goldman is also known as “father of siraitia grosvenorii sweeteners”.

From the market point of view, siraitia grosvenorii sweeteners have a lot of room for growth 2006 mangosteen sweetener market demand only 3 tons, and by 2015 up to 80 tons. From the supply of raw materials, along with growing technological breakthroughs, siraitia grosvenorii acreage also has 2 million acres of room for growth, production of 1500 to 2000 tons of sweet of siraitia grosvenorii agents to meet the demand for raw materials, even though Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola of the two beverage Giants replaced sugar with sweeteners of siraitia grosvenorii can meet.

After years of exploration, Ji Fusi has mastered a number of patented technologies, in terms of product purity of color and taste is far beyond the competition. Upstream through the seedling technology firmly farmers, control of raw materials, and raw materials through processing technology build competitive barriers, an offensive and defensive “sweet Kingdom” has been formed!

Rebalancing strategies

Gifford thinks is located in the beautiful landscape of the city of Guilin, “thousands of the wild state, water flows around the city”, the landscape here attracts more than 40 million visitors from both at home and abroad.

Last year, Gifford company blockbuster to launch two c-Terminal products: Lohan fruit extract honey and mangosteen, target is the huge tourism market of Guilin.
It is well known that mangosteen is a local specialty of Guilin, but the traditional baked nuts not to carry. Is a larger footprint; second, skin fragility, easily broken; the third is not convenient to use, over the need to be boiled or BREW. Such a big market in Guilin, had not a worthy high-end international tourist destination on tourism with the hand, for which Guilin people repeatedly looking for Steven Goldman, that Ji Fusi can develop a suitable tour bring mangosteen end products. But Ji Fusi’s main business is B2B, and tourism product is c-terminal operations, are two completely different fields, the main markets in the United States and Ji Fusi, home and does not have the conditions for promotion. Steven Goldman always staying put.

Until 2015, Steven Goldman think, variety factors has contributed to has timing: 1. domestic of consumption level sharply improve, in consumption upgrade of calls in the, beverage food Enterprise gradually will development of focus put in in the high-end document bit, began has wishes using price high of raw materials; 2. based food beverage into recession cycle, and main health, and health function concept of products increasingly by welcomes; 3. fog haze increasingly serious, gave birth to has many of health needs, and mangosteen of cough run lung effect just conform to this trend.
Thus, in 2015, as the world’s experts and leaders of siraitia grosvenorii Ji Fusi realignment strategy, formally declared open the domestic market and global B2B c-end business.

In addition to the above factors, Steven Goldman said there were other strategic considerations: a current product and market structures are too simple and must be balanced, enhanced ability to resist risks; the second is by c-branding with Retractable Banner advertising campaign building can support b-end business; third, adjust layout; four were preparing for entering capital market in the future.

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