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The entire US and its movie theaters closed in March due to the pandemic.  A few months later, many Americans still fear entering the theaters with the significant increase of COVID-19 in the US.  The CDC is considered a high risk activity at a movie theater.  Some medical experts suggest wearing Disposable Face Masks to reduce the chance of the virus spreading in the closed area of a cinema. Korea KF94 masks or even N95 face mask (Buy in Stock here is known to ensure better protection in the high risk area.

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With the shutdowns largely over from state to state, many people are eager to return to movies to try and return to a normal life. There are, however, certain benefits and risks to a movie theater. Many films were cancelled and many movie theaters struggle against the financial problems caused by this period.

Movie theaters have always been a fun way to go out and spend time with others, especially as it gets colder but many Americans are too afraid to go to movie theaters due to the pandemic. Wearing masks or not has been politicized, and people now don’t have confidence in their own American fellows to wear a mask.  Some movie watchers do not plan to go to cinemas until a vaccine has occurred or the number of cases in their region is significantly lower. Face masks hamper popcorn consumption but seeing the big screen again is liberating.

As there is still a chance of getting the virus even with increased sanitation, mask wear and social distancing.  Theaters will limit their ability to ensure the attainment of social distance and the introduction of cleaning services. You should expect more cleaning, too. This means that the building’s hand washing or sanitizing stations and that high-touch surfaces such as railings and braces are frequently cleansed.

Theatrical ventilation will also increase to help filter out the air to reduce the circulation of the virus in indoor environments. It is necessary to use a mask in the theater in most states unless you eat or drink. Some states always require that you wear a mask, which means no food or drink during the film.

It is the person who comes back and how safe they feel going to movie theaters. The risk of exposure to the virus could take people a long to feel safe going to a movie theater.   If you decide if you are going to the cinema, choose a time when you are least likely to get busy.  Go to a show for a day, practice social distancing and wear an N95 alternative mask (Buy R95 online in Stock here)  for more protection.