Feather Flags successful FMCG advertising story for Coke

See Tianfu Coke re-put on the terminal, the consumer in his hand, my heart “undercurrent”, which may be derived from my experience in Chongqing. At that time, in the train station and other places, but also vaguely able to see the shadow of Tianfu Coke, such as pop up display and Feather Flags advertising, or some talk about Tianfu Coke.

Since then, the two music has begun large-scale attack on the domestic market. In 1994, Tianfu Coke and PepsiCo joint venture, and then gradually disappear from people’s attention. Some people say that Tianfu Coke from disappear to come back, is the Chinese national branding with Feather Flags | One Group are history of blood and tears. Indeed, the national brand and foreign giants of the joint venture is basically no good results, not to be destroyed is the snow. Wait until the overall situation has been set, foreign giants who once the scenery of the national brand released, but the trend has gone, such as vitality 28, Chinese toothpaste, small nurse, Arctic Ocean soft drinks.

At the beginning of 2016, in the Tianfu Coke brand comeback press conference, the general manager of money Huang with the “revival” word, enough to see more than 20 years of their mind simmering that a strength. From the feelings, I support the revival of Tianfu Coke; from the feelings, I can also like that era of consumers as empathy. But if the feelings and feelings alone, it is difficult to revive the Tianfu Coke, only innovation can be revived.

“Feelings” role is limited

“Is still familiar with the taste!” How to listen are like saying that the Canadian treasure. Feather Flags advertising message “generation of drink, Tianfu Coke”, it is difficult to impress consumers, but cannot cause resonance. Why is it okay for the Tianfu Coke? The reason is not complicated: talk about feelings, is a certain experience and social experience of people say, and Coke or drink the main consumer crowd should be 16-35 year-old young people, even more young people. Young people have no knowledge of Tianfu Coke, feelings do not work at all.
Moreover, the Advertising with Custom Feather Flags in foreign history are also full of blood and tears, it is difficult to stimulate the sympathy of young people. After all, today with Changhong TV to play national feelings card, domestic product of the era has been completely different.

So what about it? With the words of sales staff, how to sell?

We first assume that if in accordance with the two music the same way and the appeal to sell Tianfu Coke have a chance? Some people say there, as long as honest, hard to sell the same can be sold out. Really naive, and if so, Tianfu Coke 20 years ago, why should a joint venture, Wahaha’s very Coke should also be popular in the big city fishes. Unfortunately, these are not there, is it their sales staff is not enough effort?

Obviously not, Wahaha’s very Coke 10 years ago in the county, the rural market is selling the best Coke, why now now? Not sales staff do not work hard, refused to dry, but the two music market center of gravity down, in their squeeze, there is not much market space. 10 years ago, the main focus of the two music in the big cities, no time to take into account the township and rural markets, only to give a very happy opportunity.

Seize new market opportunities

Now the market situation for the two music is not much better where to go, because the overall sales of Coke is declining. Tianfu Coke the original market is gone, the new market may be in the formation. Healthy drinks are breaking out, to meet the new consumer trends, which is the opportunity of Tianfu Coke.
How to seize this opportunity?

Step 1: Define healthy cola new category.

Around Coke, not from the Coke, but not the traditional Coke, which is the overall way of thinking innovative. Herbal health drink (cola), this is the new cola category, need to redefine this category. In line with consumer trends, in order to form a large single product, and healthy drinks must be the trend and future development direction. In fact, Tianfu Coke has this foundation: is a plant drink, containing herbal ingredients, have a certain role in health care. Tianfu Coke is a herbal health drink, after all, feelings also need physical support.
The second step: precise positioning of the brand with Feather Flag advertising.

Speaking of positioning, we do not have to excite, in fact, positioning like eating, drinking water, the need to pull the zipper on the toilet, not so mysterious, not so great, but not some people say so extreme, useless. Remember: do not go to extremes, at least marketing, planning not to go extreme.

Tianfu Coke since there is no way to direct competition, then only with ordinary Coke is different. In front has been analyzed, the product level can be different, just need to find a point to break, what is this point? Features! Functional demands to support and support healthy, more healthy Coke – “not the same health Coke” positioning, in order to land in order to form a resonance.
What are the benefits of doing so? One is to solve the competition problem, no longer with the two music directly competition; the second is to solve the problem of customer sources, do not drink ordinary Coke people drink Tianfu Coke, Tianfu Coke is a representative of healthy cola, separated from the traditional Coke.

This will not be more than simply playing the “familiar taste” more convincing, more than just talk about the feelings of driving force?

The third step: focus on large single product, the formation of price advantage.

Main push 550 ml bottled and 330 ml canned, big single product, auxiliary canned small bottle, PET large bottle and dining glass bottle.

The benefits of a single product do not have to elaborate, mainly in order to form a market position and influence, bigger market size, driven by the development of products.
First of all, do a good job selling products to ensure that the advantages of the surface.

What is the driving force? Is the product so that consumers take the initiative to buy, the formation of rotary and secondary purchase. This depends first on the degree of consumer acceptance of the price band. 4 yuan terminal price, the plant can be drinks, in the mainstream price belt.

Moving must be formed on the edge of the advantages, there are enough consumer groups, between the mainstream price band, and can accept the terminal price. Sales so come, sales so come. Followed by the display is vivid, publicity and promotion, with the depth of communication with consumers, so that the product price and value of the formation and deepen the value of products and brands. In addition, the product packaging should be changed, can be more fashionable, young and some.

Second, do the product of the static power, to maintain the advantages of the point.

What is the sale of power? Product packaging, selling point, brand image, as well as the channel to set the gross profit, so that products naturally in the channel, the terminal circulation, to reach the consumer and complete the purchase process. For consumer goods, especially FMCG, the most important of these elements is the power of the channel.

For the new brand, the most important thing is to have the advantage of margin. In other words, in this marketing and channel value chain, we must first solve the problem of channel profit distribution, and then solve other problems. To ensure that the advantages of the point, which is the basis of sales work, it is the basis of marketing.

The fourth step: to do “large area” model market.

What is the “big area” model market? Not to find a city or a few cities to do the model, but to find a province or a few provinces to do the model market. Choose a city to do the model, it is not the operation of the drink. But the model market or to do, Chongqing as a model market to start, and then enter the Sichuan, quickly open a certain cognitive market, and finally to the national market attack.

Why do you want to do the “big area” model market? Reason is not complicated: there is no certain sales, model market cannot do it, this is FMCG, the law of drinks.
The fifth step: channel – Wang area Wang point, terminal drive.

First of all, dealers do not have to be big, it is best not to those big logistics business, looking for the market, with manufacturers to go out to develop the market dealers; Second, to convenience stores, Mong District, business district shop , Store supplemented by the strategy to seize some commercial Mong area, convenience stores and other terminal resources.

For drinks, the most selling is not KA but a shop, the drink is a sale, not a box to sell, as stores, restaurants, it must be Feather Flag and Banners promotion and sales of the supplement.

Gandao herbal tea has a statistical data, shops and restaurants occupy all of its sales of more than 80%. The first to seize the busy area, drive product sales, drive channel distribution, the next step in the KA or special channels, to promote the entire circulation. This time you can on the amount of sales are normal, healthy.

Step 6: spread, promote – shape the image of health is not the same cola.

Around the herbaceous plants health Coke new category to spread, to raise the high on the low. What does that mean? Spread to a high starting point, high-dimensional, gathering potential potential to seize the strategic high point of the spread of the strategy, for example, “healthy cola new choice, Tianfu Coke” “This is not a can (bottle) ordinary cola” “Coke new era, Tianfu Coke.”

On the one hand, it should start from the media began to spread, triggering young people’s attention, fundamentally from the traditional Coke appeal; communication and product features linked to support the “not the same cola”, healthy Coke demands. On the other hand, the model market to visualize the terminal packaging, select the focus of the street made of model street and model shop, in order to achieve the spread of landing and terminal media.

A brand to do it, of course, is not a category of innovation, brand positioning, or even product development can decide, both the need for bold decision, tough will, but also need to enlist the team, never give up the determination and Faith, of course, also need resources and opportunistic. Innovation only the future, hope Tianfu Coke can reproduce 20 years ago glory, we will wait and see!