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Write down any thoughts or design creatives for your movie’s advertising Retractable Banners, you think of right away based on your requirement checklist. Be specific on the notes so that you can continue to form a complete idea for your series of Retractable Banners for your movie. At this time, diffusion is the most important. Think of as many ideas as possible. In that ruthless editing phase, you need a lot of design elements to deal with on the roll-up banners.

Retractable Banners - cheap wholesale Retractable Banners – cheap wholesale

When determining the advertising effectiveness of a Retractable Banner design idea (, it’s time to put your target segment ahead of the most brilliant ideas themselves. Yes, it may be brilliant. However, in reality, what kind of target segment will be interested in it? What kind of target is your goal? What kind of movie trailer does this target want to watch? You must decide every aspect of your movie based on your marketing perspective.

The Retractable Banner Size (, movie pictures, copies and design theme must complement each other and be able to appeal to the target segment. Just placing a few screen capture of your movie, and placing it on a regular size retractable banner – is not enough.  Depending on the design elements and the final environment for the setup, you might need to consider a larger size W47″ Retractable Banner Stand, or even the largest XXL size W5′ x H80″ Retractable Banner (get this size here) to project a movie screen size impact to attract the target’s attention.

Besides the specifications of the Retractable Banner Stands as you could find on You must also consider the demographics of your customers, gender, age, the money they spend (whose are their own or their parents?), what they feel like to watch in the cinema. For example, some people want to watch action adventures, while others like a love story. Sometimes, believe it or not, the feeling of the watch will depend on how you design and advertise on the Pop Up Banners.

For example, movies on love stories would definitely have a higher interest in February because of Valentine’s Day. At the same time, things that are effective for some customers are not always valid for other customers. Some movie watchers might prefer CG graphics, while others like a traditional cartoons. Some producers like to have a big company logo on the Retractable Banners, as they have high brand value. But other small producers would only want to focus the design on the movie itself on the jumbo size Roll Up Banner.