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How to setup Double Sided Feather Flags for an outdoor event? When you walk through this event or Trade Show, how people arrive, how they meet, they need tickets, what is the registration process, what you want them to see, how they will arrive at the venue, and how will they know each? Where will the area, be there will be a program, who will hand them over?

Double Sided Feather Flags -

Double Sided Feather Flags (image –

There are so many fine details that need to be taken care of for setting up the Two Sided Feather Banners. These advertising Flags would be used as signage to help people to walk through the events. By using the same color or theme double sided swooper flags, they can mark important focal points, directions or areas. They can also create an environment for highly branded and photographed stage areas.

The photo area will also help viewers to browse and provide a souvenir opportunity. Double Sided Feather Flags setups are well suited for crowd control purposes. They capture people’s attention, entertain them with long-wait lines, and add a funny element that might otherwise not exist.

Think Disneyland – souvenir photos can be placed on social media, on Facebook, or on a similar door on your event site after being on Flickr. These photos should be the display of the brand. Lovely people with their custom Feather Flag photos will not only download but share. The eye-catching graphics make people happy. Create a virus after exercise.

In short, the Custom Feather Flags (double-sided printed) can help you navigate the space through the exhibition space, can help pay the cost of putting the event, and can create an electronic memory that will create your audience for you and your sponsor!   It is important to understand what’s the difference between Double Sided Feather Flags vs Single-Sided, before you start to customize and order your custom feather banner.

All in all, to get the most value from the Teardrop Banners decorations, understand their role in the atmosphere, traffic control, coordination of the theme or purpose of the event, and increase the fun of interaction.