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There are three stages for this Teardrop Flags (website –  Advertising Guide for your events – PREPARATION (how to let people know your events and activities), DURING (during the events or your Trade Shows, what is the experience of the event), FOLLOW UP (how to let people talk about it and even).

How do the Teardrop Banner help each stage? Preparation – by paying for the help. During the event – attractions and sailing. After – lasting memory, brand and continue to spread the message.

Preparation for Teardrop Flags Advertising

Teardrop Flags (website -

Teardrop Flags (website –

In the first phase, the question is how to fund the outdoor activities, how people (target audience / public) learn about events, how they will get there, and other logistics. Believe it or not, this is actually the best time to bring your balloon artist. At this stage, often look for media partners. Teardrop Flags can help your attraction – like a world record attempt, or a large sculpture.

Through the sale of sponsorship, so that large Teardrop Flags as a source of income. Assuming your activity has a tropical theme, you can have a large tropical theme sculpture – hula dancers, palm trees, Tiki masks, and a mermaid maybe. Each of these works can be pre-sold as an exhibitor as part of the Brand building package.

Say for instance, if the Advertising Flags cost you $100, you might consider charging $ 1,000 for sponsorship. The work will show the sponsor’s name and booth number. Providing the integration of mobile marketing packages and other potential customer-generated systems makes it more valuable and adds dimensions.

The Teardrop Banners can also be set up with a gift drawing a man into the space or area – again in our tropical theme, maybe every custom advertising sign can only focus on a single design that the participant must use to view / receive multiple designs through the event. The Sell ​​sponsors’ placement and attract people to a particular area. Giveaway promotional items custom printed with the graphic as the Teardrop Flag could also be a valuable gift – it would be kept at the visitors’ home for a long time.