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After months or even years of planning, the building is built, the fixture is in place, and you are ready to plan your grand opening event! So much detail to consider. First of all, how do you let people know about your grand opening ceremony? We will leave most of the advertising and marketing ideas aside for another article and talk about eye-catching Grand Opening Double Sided Feather Banners.

Double Sided Feather Flags (view image)

Double Sided Feather Flags (image source –

Why use a grand opening Double Sided Feather Banners (ONE Economy – visit page)? Custom Grand Opening advertising banners produce excitement and carry information about their fun and happiness. By touching the potential customer’s subconscious chord, you will get a momentary warm blur. In addition, the two sided feather banners are highly visible, fully custom printed and a great cost-effective way to get more coverage for your money.

There are 3 types of grand opening Double Sided Feather Flags:

  1. Look at the signs from a distance
  2. Pay attention to the sign from the parking lot, so that people enter the store
  3. The interior of the store is decorated to produce excitement and drive the impulse to purchase

Let’s talk about outdoor swooper flags first. The key to outdoor advertising banners is to take into account the weather conditions. Do not use dark, such as black, blue, green or purple, because they absorb heat and may be popular on hot days. Use ground spike to set up your Double Sided Feather Flags firmly on the ground, for example, a sign posted, or a light.

Remember that the Two Sided Advertising Banners are easily affected by the wind direction. So set up the outdoor teardrop flags and custom design to make it setup properly with the wind. No worry! These kinds of swooper flags are designed for outdoors and could be set up properly with either a ground spike in dirt or Outdoor Base Stand on the concrete ground.

The taller the pole height, the greater the Base Stand should be. Even so, we sometimes need to increase the stability with a water bag weight to stabilize the wind. The most important thing to note is to pay attention to outdoor Flag setup Laws in your State. Be reminded to make the environment better and reduce the risk of environmental damage when setting up these outdoor flags.